Effective August 25, 2020

TSA believes that reasonable precautions to protect the safety of our players, coaches, parents, families and others are important. Accordingly, the league has adopted the guidelines and protocol set forth below, which applies in connection with all TSA sports activities until further notice.


DISCLAIMER: Players, parents, family, coaches, and spectators engaging in soccer, baseball, and softball, and any activities related to these sports, do so with knowledge of the risk and potential exposure involved and agree to accept any and all inherent risks to their personal health.

COVID-19 Exposure Response Guidelines for All Attendees at TSA (Coaches, Players, Parents, Grandparents, Siblings, etc.) 

If you experience any of the symptoms of COVID-19, or you have been in close contact with someone who is either experiencing COVID-19 symptoms or has tested positive for COVID-19, DO NOT attend any team activities (games, scrimmages, practices, etc.) until ALL FOUR of the following conditions are met for yourself:


  1. 14 days have passed from the date of last contact with a COVID-19 positive or symptomatic individual AND
  2. 3 days have passed with no fever AND
  3. You have NO respiratory symptoms (e.g. cough, difficulty breathing, shortness of breath, chest pain or pressure) AND
  4. At least 10 days have passed since any symptoms first appeared.

COVID-19 symptoms include: fever over 100.4 deg F, coughing, shortness of breath/difficulty breathing, sore throat, chills, loss of taste or smell, muscle pain, headache, diarrhea, skin rash or discoloration of fingers or toes, fatigue.


Important Guidelines for Families/Visitors at TSA or Offsite TSA Events

  1. FACE COVERINGS: All persons attending a TSA event MUST wear a face mask or cloth face covering (over the nose and mouth) while on the premises. Athletes are not required but are allowed at their discretion to wear face masks or coverings during practices, game play or warm-ups. Coaches are required to wear face coverings except during practices and game play. Coaches have been asked to wear masks when talking with players during practices or games at distances less than 6 feet. Should a parent/player/visitor forget to bring a face covering there will be spares available on a limited basis in the concessions stand.  Those refusing to wear a mask will be asked to leave the premises.
  2. FIELD ACCESS: (map with entry/exit flow indicators located online here)
    1. Soccer: Teams and spectators preparing to play will be required to enter their assigned field through dugouts. Teams and spectators completing games will be required to exit through the outfield access gates.
    2. Baseball/Softball: Teams and spectators preparing to play will be required to enter the field through the outfield access gate. Once a team occupying a dugout exits the dugout, the team playing in the next game may enter.  Players should maintain spacing in dugouts and use bullpens to accommodate more player spacing on fields where bullpens are available.
  3. LIMIT NUMBER OF SPECTATORS: Families are required to limit the number of family visitors/spectators to no more than two (2) persons per player at games. One parent or guardian may accompany a player to practice. Where appropriate based on the age and maturity of the player, parents are encouraged to drop off their player at the park entrance and remain in their cars until practice has ended. At all times, parents and spectators in the park should observe the other guidelines on face masks and distancing set forth herein.
  4. SPREAD OUT: Individuals should avoid gathering in groups larger than 10 individuals. Within these groups, individuals should maintain 6 feet of separation from others who are not in the individual’s household.  At all times, participants and spectators should observe basic social distancing measures, including wearing a mask or face covering (except as noted above), washing or sanitizing hands frequently, and avoiding sharing utensils or other common objects.


TSA Fall Program Activity Hygiene Plan


  1. When possible, all areas shall be sanitized before and after each activity. Every dugout has a sanitation bottle for use between games by coaches.
  2. When possible, all equipment shall be sanitized before and after each activity and should never be shared between athletes.
  3. Hand washing is required before and after each activity by all participants. 3 hand-washing stations have been located throughout the park.
  4. No handshakes, fist bumps or elbow bumps by participants of any kind. Physical contact with any person not in the participant’s household should be avoided.
  5. Common water jugs will not be utilized. Each player should bring their own water bottle of appropriate size for the duration and type of sport being played.


TSA Protocols for Grounds & Facilities


  1. Develop, train, and implement increased daily sanitization protocols for common surfaces, restrooms, equipment, and facilities.
  2. Make hand sanitizer, disinfecting wipes, soap and water, or similar disinfectant readily available throughout the facility.
  3. Increase use of Park Managers to ensure health protocols adopted by TSA are being successfully implemented and followed by all visitors.
  4. RESTROOMS: Doors to be left in the open position, 3 persons maximum at a time in a restroom, and disinfecting increased to M-F with additional sanitation on Saturdays by the onsite porter.
  5. CONCESSIONS: Limited menu items will be available for purchase during the Fall season. Volunteers will be required to wear both masks and gloves when staffing concessions.

COVID-19 Exposure Response Guidelines for Coaches and Players

In an attempt to ensure games are played while minimizing the risk of spreading COVID-19, should any player/parent be exposed, the following scenarios will be used to assess the necessity of limiting a player’s participation.


SCENARIO A:  If a player or coach on your team received a positive COVID-19 test result, and the team has been in contact with the individual during the incubation period (6 days prior to first symptoms or positive test, whichever is earlier), then the team shall take the following actions:

  1. Immediately cease all scheduled team activities (practices, games, scrimmages, batting practices, etc.);
  2. Require all team members that came into contact with player or coach to remain isolated for up to 14 days from date of last contact with COVID-19 player/coach before the team may return to any organized team activities;
  3. Require all team members to be tested for COVID-19, with negative test results, before the team may return to any organized team activities;
  4. Any player/coach testing positive for COVID-19 shall remain isolated and shall not attend any team activity until such time as the player has a negative COVID-19 test.


SCENARIO B:  If a player or coach on your team has been in contact with any individual (non-player or non-coach) who has received a positive COVID-19 test result, then the team shall take the following actions:

  1. The player or coach shall not attend any team activities for a period of up to 14 days;
  2. The player or coach should be tested (after waiting 6 days from date of contact – the incubation period) to confirm that the player or coach has not contracted COVID-19.
  3. If the player or coach has been in contact with any other player or coach on the team prior to receiving COVID-19 test results, then all team activities should immediately cease until such time as the player/coach who has had contact with a COVID-19-positive individual receives a negative test result as described in #2 above.  The 14 day period described in #1 above could still apply regardless of a negative test result.


A forfeit results if a team does not have enough players to field a team for a scheduled game as a result of complying with this protocol. However, where possible, teams are encouraged to play the game in a scrimmage format.  All soccer divisions will be scheduled to play a knock-out playoff tournament that includes all teams to reduce the impact of any games forfeited during the season.