Shetland Division

T-Ball - Ages 4, 5, 6

Pinto Division

Coach Pitch - Ages 7, 8

Mustang Division

Player Pitch - Ages 9, 10

Bronco Division

Player Pitch - 11, 12

Pony Division

Player Pitch - Ages 13, 15


TSA offers baseball in the Spring and Fall.

Registration is open to boys & girls from 4-15 years of age as of April 30th.

Spring League - Registration is in early January. Practices begin in February and games run from March thru May.

PRESEASON: February thru Mid March teams will have up to 3 events per week - typically one or two weeknight practices & a scrimmage on Saturdays.

REGULAR SEASON: Teams will have three events per week.  Typically one weeknight practice, one weeknight game, and one game on Saturdays.


Fall Developmental League - Registration is in July.  The season normally begins in mid September and runs thru early November.

Teams will have one practice each week on a weeknight (M-F) and will play one game on Saturday afternoons.

Our Fall baseball league is designed to help players continue developing their baseball skills beyond the typical Spring season.



Baseball Registration