Youth soccer league play in fall and spring for ages 4-13

Welcome to TSA Soccer

Timbergrove Soccer is a family-oriented soccer club that provides an opportunity to play organized soccer at the recreational, developmental and competitive levels for players at ages 4 – 13 years old. We offer challenging programs that place the focus on the development of the whole player within a team environment.

Timbergrove Soccer is committed to providing the best tactical and overall athletic development for each individual player while offering players, their families and coaches an enjoyable soccer experience. We are dedicated to helping players reach their full potential while fostering a love of the game.

Ages and Divisions

The Fall soccer season teams are co-ed and Spring soccer season teams are separate for boys and girls.

Division is determined by age of player as of August 31st.  Players can request to play up prior to the beginning of registration.  The TSA Play Up Policy is located here.

For the fall season (coed) below are the divisions and ages:

  • 4U Division:  Players aged 4 at time of season start
  • 5U Division:  Players aged 5 at time of season start
  • 6U Division:  Players aged 6 at time of season start
  • 7U Division:  Players aged 7 at time of season start
  • 9U Division:  Players aged 8-9 at time of season start
  • 12U Division: Players aged 10-12 at time of season start

For the spring season (separate boys and girls) below are the divisions and ages:

  • 6U Division: Players aged 5 and 6 
  • 8U Division: Players aged 7 and 8 
  • 10U Division: Players aged 9 and 10 
  • 12U Division: Players aged 11 and 12
Parent Volunteers/Coaches

All TSA teams are staffed by volunteer coaches, assistant coaches, and team parents. The success of our league is largely dependent on the generosity and commitment of our volunteers. If you are interested in being a head coach or an assistant coach, please email

Equipment Needed
  • The league provides jerseys, shorts and socks. 
  • Shin guards are required for all players. 
  • Soccer cleats are not required, but they are highly recommended.  There is a lot of starting and stopping in soccer, and kids are prone to slip without cleats, especially for morning games when there is dew on the ground. 
  • Cleats must be rubber soled - no metal cleats. 
  • Soccer ball sizes for each age group are Size 3 for 4U, 5U, 6U, 7U and 8U (spring), and Size 4 for 9U (fall), 10U (spring) and 12U.

Please see rules and regulations for each division for more details on the specific equipment permitted/recommended.

Game and Practice Commitments

Games are generally played on Saturday mornings for approximately one hour.  Games may occasionally occur on weeknights.  At least one practice per week can be expected. 

For the fall season, for all ages except 12U, games and practices are held at the Timbergrove Sports Complex at 1600 Bevis Street.  12U games and practices are held at St. Mark Lutheran (1555 Pech Road). 

For the spring season, all games and practices are at St. Mark Lutheran.  Maps and details of these locations can be found here.

Rules and Regulations

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Division Standings