TSA Family,
The Timbergrove Sports Association Board of Directors is pleased to announce that Jeff Magee has been elected to the role of President of the Board starting January 1, 2020. Jeff and his wife Shawn, along with their 10 and 5-year-old sons, have been fixtures of the Timbergrove family for years. During his time in the league, Jeff has volunteered as a coach, division director, park manager and board member. Jeff joined the Board of Directors in 2018 and has since served as the Director of Procurement. Under his stewardship, the procurement arm of the board kept pace with the yearly increases in registration and the equipment demands that followed. As Jeff was fond of saying during parent orientation meetings, if he was doing his job you would never know he existed. That changes in the New Year as Jeff steps into the President role, shepherding the twelve-member board of directors. The Board is confident Jeff will continue to lead by example, as he has done in his many years of service to TSA.
Jeff replaces outgoing President of the Board, Mark Donnelly. Mark is retiring from the Board following four years of service as the President. The Board thanks Mark for his service, grateful that he will continue to serve the TSA community in committee and coaching roles.
The Board also welcomes new directors Josh Ecroyd and Ben Woodford, elected at the last general board meeting. Josh and Ben have volunteered for years at TSA and are excited to join a team that is committed to making TSA one of the best youth sports organizations in Houston. Josh and Ben replace vacancies left by Donnelly and Philip Croker. Philip served the board for two terms as a director, leading both baseball operations and the finance and fundraising arms of TSA. Philip leaves the board having laid the foundation for TSA fundraising and financial efforts going forward. The Board thanks Philip for his years of dedicated commitment to the league.
The structure of the TSA Board for 2020 is below:
President of the Board of Directors- Jeff Magee
Director of Softball Operations- Trena Hogge
Director of Soccer Operations- Jans Veldkamp
Director of Baseball Operations- Sam Autry
Director of Events- Ashley Zuelke
Director of Volunteers- Michael Bennett
Director of Calendar and Communications- Chris Dahlmeier
Director of Building and Grounds- John Leonard
Director of Fundraising- Josh Kirklin
Director of Thunder Programs and Camps- Toby Fullmer
Director of Finance- Ben Woodford
Director of Procurement- Josh Ecroyd
We wish you a safe and happy holiday season and look forward to an amazing 2020 at TSA!
-Timbergrove Sports Association Board of Directors

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